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This is an example download area where your members are given access to download the products you've made availible to them.

To set up an automatic download display, simple paste a code snippet into this page as follows:

This code snippet can be found in DLGuard in the Help menu under "Memberships".


If you would like to offer extra files for download and you'd like them to be protected but you don't want to add them to DLGuard as products, then you can use DLGuard's download quick links.

After setting the folder name where your extra download files are kept (You can do this by going to the Edit screen of your membership group and typing the full URL to your downloads folder into the box marked "Folder where extra download files are kept" - if you have multiple groups accessing the same members area, the folder URL of the member's particular group will be used), you can then simply add the name of your file to the download link as such:

This will download the file "" from the folder you set above.

This is an example of a link: Download


Member name:


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