Alkaline ionized water

On this page I present the business model of the Japanese company Enagic, creator and direct manufacturer of one of the most important molecular hydrogen ionizers, a world leader for almost 50 years.

It is one of the largest industries in the world in direct selling, which is one of the most important sectors ever.

Just to give an example, in 2016 the turnover in direct sales exceeded 183 billion dollars globally and it is a turnover that increases every year and is mainly made up of the health and well-being market, the largest product category that will never have a crisis.

This is why the company has been on the market for 50 years and has 100% control of the entire manufacturing process, which has OEM Original Equipment Manufacturing certification.

That is, Enagic is the original manufacturer of every element of the device, so every single part is produced internally at the company's headquarters in Osaka, Japan, including even the cardboard packaging.

Once the manufacturing process is finished, the device undergoes a thorough 27-step inspection before it is approved to be shipped to customers.

Enagic is also the only ionizer manufacturing company in the world to have obtained the WQA gold seal, precisely for the quality of the water supplied.

Enagic also has three ISO certifications for quality, environmental management and the production of medical devices.

Enagic has obtained all the best certifications, which you will find at the end of the document, and which place it as the undisputed leader on the market, and therefore the only one to have installed the devices in hospitals and healthcare facilities all over the world.

Enagic has developed a global business and is present throughout the world with over 40 offices in 26 different countries and capable of selling in any other country.

Enagic is a member of the Direct Selling Association and the Buder Business Bureau with an A+ Rating and therefore a top company in the world ranking.

This technology represents the next Mega Trend.

Mega Trend products are products that no one knows about yet, but that the majority of people will own in the near future.

We can give the example of laptops or smartphones, or flat-screen televisions, which when they entered the market we thought we would never own, but which then inevitably entered our homes.

The molecular hydrogen ionizer will be the next kitchen appliance, therefore a next Mega Trend.

But why are world markets defining it as such?

First of all, everyone drinks water and obviously knows what it is and there is no need to explain it.

It is in fact the most drunk drink in the world and the Italian percentage of people who prefer bottled water to tap water exceeds 90%, representing the highest percentage in the world.

The global bottled water market is a $334 billion business, surpassing any beverage on the market.

To this we must add that these special ionizers satisfy three increasingly pressing needs of our society, namely health, which represents one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of all and the most sought after on online search engines, then environmental sustainability, namely ' the most pressing problem on a global level and finally saving, expressed as an increasingly relevant universal necessity.

Only 0.1% of people know what we are talking about and this means that we can talk about this reality to 99.9% of the population and it is perfectly suitable for each category, such as people, animals, commercial activities, studies, clinics, doctors and vets, offices, companies, as well as for every home.

Finally, alkalinity is one of the many properties of the water produced by these devices and its demand is exploding all over the world.

The largest international companies invest millions and millions of dollars in alkaline water.

In every supermarket in the United States and now also in Italy, bottles of alkaline water are increasingly widespread, but at high prices.

And moreover with characteristics not comparable to those of Kangen water and the mass media themselves are publicizing this reality, creating a demand never seen before.

All this is creating a so-called paradigm shift, i.e. a change in consumer habits and approach, which can never be stopped again, also because plastic, representing one of the main problems for our ecosystem, will be eliminated.

We can take the example of the Blockbuster chain, which is widespread, but which has been totally replaced by Netflix and the internet distribution system of paid entertainment content.

The same thing is already happening for the replacement of plastic bottles.

The bottled water market will soon have an enormous change because the danger, of the water contained in plastic bottles produced in PET when exposed to the sun, is now known, considering the two-year expiry date of the water contained in these bottles. bottles.

So the environmental battle to eliminate plastic is involving our entire planet.

In the United States, 29 billion bottles are thrown away every year and as many as 11 billion in Italy alone, with an enormous negative environmental impact.

To this it must be added that every type of bottled or tap water is acidifying and oxidizing, which means it accelerates our cellular aging.

Every day we inevitably spend money to buy water that doesn't help us, and we will continue to spend it throughout our lives until we make a decision about it.

Furthermore, the statistics on this reality are changing rapidly because international doctors, surgeons, professors, naturopaths, nutritionists, researchers, Nobel Prize winners, celebrities, athletes and athletic trainers now own and recommend these exceptional devices.

The topic of nutrition and food supplements is on the agenda and it is the WHO itself that recommends fruit and vegetables for maintaining our health.

So think how much more important it could be to choose alkalizing and antioxidant water, just like fruit and vegetables, since we are made up of over 70% water and we spend thousands and thousands of euros every year on a correct diet, with smoothies, organic groceries, and we have not yet given importance to what we drink.