Down with arpReach and HostGator

After almost 14 years using arpReach, something suggests me to stop with this autoresponder software for a lot of reasons depending, from one side by his actual owner, and from another side by the complications, loss of time and money, uselessly spent, following installations on servers and following incompetence of the  advisors of the servers themselves, rented in Hostgator.

Let's begin from the start of arpReach, former ARP3 or AutoResponse Plus.

ARP3 was an autoresponder software created by a real Scottish gentleman whose name is Neil Morgan, from Strathaven.

He is a software developer, specialized in the hospital industries, but he created an autoresponder because he understood that this kind of software could be really useful in contacting people who need to buy a certain product.

Well, in the e-mail marketing industry a lot has been made before I met ARP3.

But in any case all the autoresponder softwares which could be used, and which were born about 2000/2001, were composed by two kinds of autoresponders.

The first one, not so much developed, and not so desidered was a kind which could be installed on ones hard-disk, and the second, mostly installed on Unix-Linux servers.

As an example of the first kind I purchsed Mailoop, developed by The Internet Marketing Center, whose Ceo was that genious of Corey Rudl, one of my best mentors in the internet marketing industry.

Examples of the second kind, to be installed on remote Unix-Linux servers, but adaptable to Windows servers, and built for the most in PHP, were Interspire SendStudio, Madri Webmarketing E@Manager, Kalpataru Infotech Email Marketing Assistant, Radhika Venkata AutoresponderPro, Steve Hetrick AdTrackAutoResponderPro, ActiveCampaign OneTwoAll, and then the last I have met in the late 2007, Neil Morgan ARP3.
ARP3 was fantastik, built in Perl and PHP, no problems, its license costed 195 dollars, it could be installed inside10 domain names, and after having sold 4 copies of that software to 4 customers of mine, I got from Neil Morgan 24 licenses, and I had never to pay for yearly upgrade, which were about 45 dollars.

This was really a pretty good deal using that cheep and useful software, because I saw I was earning money by the internet as an affiliate.

This was due also to the assistance I have given to all the people who contacted me to receive information about ARP3.

I built many websites and blogs, having them their subjects about follow-up marketing by e-mail, following for first Neil Morgan 7 days follow-up marketing course, and then developing his course from the basis to the actual course, composed by 20 chapters and nearly 200 sections.

Then in 2013, Neil Morgan decided to make a big upgrade from ARP3 to arpReach, and I have been contacted directly from him because he was choosing the name of the new software, asking me and his other customers if they like arpReach, or another name I don't remember now.

I answered yes, I liked arpReach name so much.

But after 2 years, in 2015 he sold arpReach to one of his customers, a certain Kevin Polley.

I stopped using arpReach in 2016 due to my separation from my ex wife, because the judge condemned me to pay everything for her and for my daughters, and I got to close the little firm I was creating with some friends

Four years after this long interruption, in 2020, I purchased arpReach again, installing it on a Unix-Linux server, rented in HostGator, not knowing that in four years many things happened to Kevin Polley and to HostGator too.

I purchased also another autoresponder software self-hosted, Email Marketer, created by Interspire, because I saw that they got a very big software, well, not so special as autoresponder, but really good in terms of e-mail campaign and broadcast, which were both those fields which arpReach was really poor in.

Using both together was a good idea to take advantage from an autoresponder as arpReach and from a software to take control about open-read statistics, those which arpReach hasn't at all.

All the most of the owners of the mentioned above php autoresponder softwares, after few years, we are in 2007/2008, the years of the subprimes crisis, understood that the market was going from the autoresponder software self-hosted, like the ones I have listed above, to the autoresponder software installed on the server which belonged to companies which provided thirdy party e-mail marketing services.
Also Kevin Polley understood that it was time to change and to leave self-hosted autoresponder for ever, but he chooses a very smart way to convince his customers to prefer a second version of arpReach, installed inside a server of his company, Mutual Advantage Ltd, running in Sudbury, England.
Sudbury is the name of a little town, in the country.
And that is a particular name which has some roots in common with the old saxon language.
Let's take the Dutch language, for instance.
If you take the Dutch word zuidboer, it means country man of the south, and Sudbury has almost the same meaning, and it couldn't be different for people like Kevin Polley.

Going back to the big change in the autoresponder industry, the reason of that change was really clear, but it was not so clear for me either.

Infact people without work, mothers with little sons, students and so on, were obliged to get a new work, which could be easy, with no troubles and assholes coming from installation, expensive servers to install those self-hosted, also if the autoresponder softwares themselves were not so expensive.

The main need of those new kind of marketers, with not so much money to spend for expensive servers and not so much time to lose in installing softwares on servers and managing servers themselves, was to afford a life working just thinking to marketing on the internet and nothing more.

So Corey Rudl built iContact, Steve Hetrick sold AdTrackAutoResponderPro to a certain Abitino Lao, ActiveCampaign changed his software from self-hosted to the other kind they still sell, all over the world, as all over the world the company HubSpot sells its autoresponder software, and in 2008 the big Italo Cillo began with great success to sell Aweber in Italy as an affiliate, and all the best well known italian internet marketers, whom were taught by Italo in the internet marketing industry, were convinced by him to begin to use it. 

But at the same time other companies created other autoresponder softwares of the same kind, like MailChimp, Mailup, GetResponse, etc., meaning that the market of the so called self-hosted autoresponder softwares was going indeed to its real end.

At this time the only well known companies which are still selling autoresponder softwares in the form of self-hosted are Interspire with its Email Marketer and Mutual Advantage with its arpReach.

The 95% of the market is busy with thirdy party email marketing services like Aweber, GetResponse, etc.

Let's come back to the beginning of 2020, and to Covid-19, which has made so much damages to italian economy and a lot of dead people.

I used arpReach again hoping to get my 24 licenses again, hoping to sell it as an affiliate, hoping to use it without problems.

But the first problem was that the version I got of arpReach couldn't be installed on the server, took with HostGator, because the version was old.

So I had to pay 240 dollars to get the upgrades of arpReach.

The new rules of arpReach were that I couldn't install it on more than two domain names, that if I want to change one domain name and install arpReach on a new domain name, it would cost me 35 dollars to get the new allowance.

I was lucky because in my old allowance I had and then I had to install arpReach in a new domain name

But as I said above I purchased hosting services with Hostgator.

I advice you all that if you want to be with Hostgator and be satysfied you have to buy a server of your own, but it cost a lot.

Never purchase a VPS in HostGator!

They don't help you at all!

Untill 4/5 years ago, when you have a VPS server, and you need some assistance, it was enough to chat with an HostGator advisor.

Sure you could wait from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, but you could be assisted by someone really specialized.

Nowdays HostGator is owned by a big company whose name is Endurance International Group, but they still continue to transfer companies around like a play of chinees boxes.

Times are hard for all of us in the world and the actual advisors in HostGator are payed I think half the prize they deserved untill 5 years ago. 

Now the new advisors are all without any competence, and the few who got a real hosting knowledge are working as administrators.

I said time are changed, and when you contact an HostGator advisor, you can wait not more than five minutes, or just some second, you never wait too much for the firs contact on chat.

They are very kind, and when you present them your problems they answer to wait just for 3 or 4 minutes (because they can't answer at all and they must ask informations to an administrator).
You think that this is the reason they make you wait.
Not really!
They are going to answer to other requests from other customers!
So they answer very quickly to your first request, but then you are going to wait much more!
If they give you an answer you can be sure that it is not going to work at all.
So you have to call them again to chat with another advisor.
You can go on in this way for weeks!
If you are lucky you can meet a real honest advisors, who says that your problem has been escalated to be caught by an administrator.
If the administrator is honest too maybe in ten days you'll solve the problem, otherwise is better to get another advisor, but it will took at least one month to get a result.
I calculate that if the works of advisors were well made I should solve all my problems in 6 months, instead of a whole year.
And my blog was almost complete after one year, when it was the time to renew softwares licenses, things that costed me a lot of money, while I hoped that after less than one year of hard work I could begin to earn money to afford those renews.
But it was not so, the incompetence of HostGator advisors made me working really late in my blog, and I payed very hard in terms of efforts, money, energy and sacrifices, finding myself at the end with some dust in my hand.
So my problems in affording my life selling softwares were multiplayed getting with HostGator, but also getting with arpReach.
In this situation it was the destiny which wants me to completely fail, for the most thanks also to that octopussy of Kevin Polley.
So I said that after one year I got to renew all my licenses.
And every month I payed to HostGator 146,75 dollars for its useless VPS Snappy4000 contract.
So on the beginning of march I had to pay 120 dollars to renew arpReach license, 200 dollars to renew Interspire Email Marketer license, 67 dollars to renew OnePress WordPress theme, 146,75 dollars to renew with HostGator, 35 dollars to renew two domain names with HostGator Launchpad.
In this situation of only getting out, and any revenues, always at the beginning of march, it must be the 5th, I decided to close an account, and to buy a new domain name,
I got a license of arpReach which allowed me to install arpReach itself in just two domain names.
One of them was and the other was, and arpReach was installed on both of them.
But I had to delete, and install arpReach on a new blog,

So I send an email to Mutual Advantage and I told them that I wanted to pay (with a lot of suffering - not written) 35 dollars to change the allowance from to
A certain Jill, a Kevin Polley slave, answered me that my allowance was full and there were no places to install arpReach, because the domain names which arpReach has been installed in were nine (9! SO!).

So to be allowed to install arpReach in a new domain name, followupmarketingonline, it would cost me 35 dollars multiplayed for nine, because they have to make a very hard work to delete nine domain names by the database of domain names.

That is 305 dollars! 

That is really crazy!

Figure out that those 9 domain names don't exist anymore, and that all of them were used with arpReach installed on, during the period of the ownership of Neil Morgan, and I was not informed about that change, and the Eula itself doesn't says anything about that rule.
Thy just told me that the new rule was to install arpReach only on two domain names and nothing more to be learnd.

Mister Jill was really CUTE: he made me a discount, just 200 dollars instead of 305!

That is crazy anyway.

So my head began to fill itself with blood and I wrote very bad words against Kevin Polley world.

Just for arpReach I had to pay 320 dollars, 120 to renew the license and 200 to be allowed to install arpReach to the second domain name,

I refuse to be charged by all those crazy people, and I close with HostGator for ever, I close with arpreach for ever.
Surely they mistake when they present the second season of The Closer, a very nice actress starring the part of a vice-boss of a police department, it is not so!
I'm the real closer, and this is not movie, is reality!

Kevin Polley thought mistakenly that I could be caught for my neck just to give him not deserved money, he is just crazy!

But it was not only this!

I didn't like to be fooled by him on another side.

In his website about arpReach you can find an invitation to be registered as an affiliate.

But affiliation has been closed, and it doesn't exist anymore.

If you go around in his website you can find critic words against thirdy party email marketing services like Aweber, GetResponse, etc.

But if you find the right page, you can read that he has created a special club of internet marketers who want to buy the new version of arpReach, which will be a thirdy party email marketing service.

With this strategy he is trying to check his market and his niche, just to see if it worth to create a new version of arpReach, asking at the same time a lot of money to the lucky people who are going to belong to his club.

Kevin Polley is a double tongued, as the american indians say!
I can only do this, I can't sue him in a trial before a judge, because I live so far away from the village of the country man of the south, I'm Italian!

Never buy products from Kevin Polley, never buy products from EIG, Endurance International Group!