Anti spam policy

1 - Principles of opt-in email

Sergio Traversa promotes the values ​​of assistance and solidarity in favor of those who have suffered damage from justice managed in the worst way, despite their acquittal, through the blog, according to the principles of opt-in e-mails, for which your newsletters are sent to the recipient on the basis of the latter's prior consent, not requested via a previous e-mail or fax message, but received by completing a form placed on the websites mentioned , by the consenting party, or requested by Sergio Traversa via paper mailing or telephone contact.

There is currently a serious burden on company economies due to anti-spam activities and therefore, by law, sending e-mails to an indeterminate series of addresses collected at random on websites, even if relating to companies, is considered spamming, as well as than private individuals.

The principles of this Anti Spam Policy also apply to the sending of e-mail messages to private individuals, implementing the rules dictated by the Legislative Decree. 196/2003, which came into force on 1 January 2004, and the European standards introduced in Italy with the 2016 GDPR and subsequent national integration laws.

This Anti Spam Policy is periodically updated taking into account legislative changes in the sector.

We do not deal with spam and we have set up an Anti Spam Policy which establishes zero tolerance for any spamming activity.

We reserve the right to determine what can be considered spam, to a stricter extent than current regulations, according to our discretion and to take any measures that may be necessary to react to spamming activities carried out through the products of this website or against it, also through the request for inclusion in the blacklist, or made to the providers or to the Privacy Guarantor, if the conditions for reporting to the judicial authority are not met.

2. What is spam

Spam is the sending of e-mail messages for commercial or non-commercial purposes that are not requested by the recipient; therefore messages from non-profit organizations or those who carry out political or trade union propaganda can also be spam.

Such sending, considered very invasive of privacy, even if its content is irrelevant, or sometimes even offensive, can cause considerable waste of time in choosing the messages to delete or download, serious damage due to computer virus attacks, considerable investments in terms purchase of anti-spam and anti-virus software and hardware protection.

The activity of sending the same topics, posted excessively in multiple newsgroups, is also spam.

3. The anti-spam conditions

Sergio Traversa's users, subscribers and customers are aware of this Anti Spam Policy, having become aware of it during their visit to the site, or when subscribing to the newsletter.

Therefore users, subscribers and customers agree to accept the conditions dictated by this Anti-Spam Policy.

In particular, customers agree not to use the products and services promoted by Sergio Traversa to send unsolicited e-mail messages, regardless of the commercial or non-commercial object of the proposal.

None of the products promoted on this site can be understood as usable in illegal marketing operations, including activities linked to spam.

If we become aware of acts of spam by customers or subscribers to its newsletters, their accounts will be canceled without notice.

4. Guarantees for users

The aim is to guarantee users the quality of the products and services promoted, the utilities provided and the information published.

For the purpose of subscribing to the newsletter of this blog, email addresses of which one has become aware by chance, through any means other than filling in the form on the site for the intended purpose, are not considered usable, unless authorization to send comes from a telephone contact or a positive epistolary response.

Email addresses are not collected on the web with automatic software.

We do not collect the names and email addresses, or other data of its users, subscribers or customers, for the purpose of their sale or distribution, even free of charge, to third parties.

5. Reference to the Privacy Policy

It respects the request by members to be deleted from the databases, through the links provided for this purpose.

Yes, it always requires the consent of members in the event of new initiatives to which attention should be drawn, regardless of their product connection with products purchased previously.

The information collected will be processed with the exclusive aid of electronic IT means by the data controller, Sergio Traversa, exclusively in his office, Via Cefalonia, 32, 25124 - Brescia

The information collected is listed in point 1 of the Privacy Policy.