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On November 11th,  1993, I was appointed Legal Aid authorized to exercise the role of defender before the Conciliation Judges and the Magistrates belonging to  Brescia Appeal Court District , following my presentation to the President of the Court of Brescia Dr. Mazzoncini, by part of Lawyer Bruno Lodi, with my solemn oath to honor the law, be loyal and transparent with clients, judges and opposing lawyers.

Considering my preparation in administrative law, acquired and deepened thanks to the course for preparation for the judiciary competition, taught by prof. Lawyer Vincenzo Mariconda, and attended for several years, on 11 February 1995, I positively supported the interview with the lawyer. Cesare Trebeschi, illustrious administrative expert, to be able to access his firm as a practitioner of the legal profession.

Some of my clients in the IT sector

Thanks to Sergio, in 2010 I was able to get to know arp3, AutoResponsPlus, and in 2013, arpReach and I assure you that the latter is the most performing autoresponder software and can best guarantee an increase in customers and turnover for your business online. Furthermore, Sergio can give you all his experience gained in using arpReach for free, and offer you his advice and expertise on the topics of email marketing and follow-up marketing. Contact him and you'll see that you'll agree with me!

Denny Christmas

I had free access to the arp3 software, AutoResponsPlus, after finding Sergio's website on the front page, at the top of Google in 2009. I was very happy with arp3 and then in 2013 I upgraded to arpReach and found myself even better, and Sergio is available to give you all the information necessary to face the market successfully, with an autoresponder software still in English... but I know that Sergio is planning to translate the entire administrative interface into Italian and therefore I will not have any problems in using all its endless functions. Thanks Sergio!

Michele Ciccarelli

What they say about the 2009 edition of the Mini Course on Follow-up Marketing in 12 lessons

The Advanced Course on Follow-up Marketing Online is a re-edition of the Mini Course on Follow-up Marketing in 12 lessons, started by me in 2007, updated every year and reviewed in January 2009 by the most important Italian website on webmarketing ,, of which the full comment is reported below, which you can still find in the aforementioned link of that website by clicking on it:

The Autoresponder: an email marketing tool

Published January 19, 2009

“Many companies have begun to use e-mail marketing as a promotional and communication tool towards their customers, suppliers and partners.

But there are few who use advanced tools such as autoresponders to increase online business, and even fewer who use Followup Marketing strategies.

What are we talking about?

An automatic system that allows you to manage the request for information and the automatic response, with evident savings in time (and money) and simplifying certain activities.

If it is true that it takes 7 messages in sequence to transform a contact into a customer, here is a way to gradually gain the trust of subscribers to a list and transform them into loyal customers.

With email marketing autoresponder software, you can send a series of sequential or followup messages to users who have subscribed to a list.

The sending process is automatic because, after having written all the messages in the series, and having inserted them into the autoresponder program, the software will send them, from first to last, to each new registered user.

For those who want to know more, it is possible to sign up for a free course of 12 lessons in 4 weeks (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and understand how it works and what results such a tool can bring.”

My blog and the Advanced Course on Online Follow-up Marketing were reviewed in 2016 by WebWiki:

At the top of Google

I have been on the first page of Google for years and currently have over 3 billion results, but now I have completely changed platform, sitemap and I am redoing the blog almost from scratch: