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1 - Registration and consent to receive free services as well as commercial offers and promotions

2 - Privacy policy and cookie policy

3 - Brief information on privacy

4 - Anti spam policy

5 - Cancellation from services

6 - Change of address

7 - Independent management of your registration data

1 - Registration and consent to receive free services as well as commercial offers and promotions relating exclusively to third-party products and/or services.

You can register by entering your name and email in the registration forms, clicking on the submit button.

Registration for the services is free!

Leave me your details and you will be able to download freebies and news, promotions and new irresistible offers relating only to third-party products and/or services.

With the free services you will have my monthly updates available, when necessary.

The data of users registered on my lists are collected exclusively through the insertion by users of their name and e-mail address in the registration forms contained in this blog.

My privacy policy provides for the request for consent to the data processing that follows the registration to my free courses, via e-mail or inserted on the pages of this blog, or condensed in free e-books and at the same time the request for consent so that my courses, my follow-up messages and blog articles may offer offers and commercial promotions on third-party products and/or services.

My possible commercial proposals have as their object products and/or services belonging to the area of ​​marketing, web marketing, information technology, and not to preferential taxation, which essentially consists of consultancy.

This means that if the buyer of a third-party product and/or service also provides me with his email address to confirm the purchase and learn that I will send him commercial promotions on other products and/or services third parties, your behavior will be considered as implicit consent to such sending, based on the rules of the European GDPR, as integrated by the Italian rules concerning legitimate interest.

The products and/or services which are the subject of my commercial offers and promotions, they may be supplied by Italian and foreign companies, with which I have established an affiliated commercial relationship.

While these products and services are similar to each other, they are not similar to free information, which is provided with the courses via follow-up or via blog, or with e-books.

In fact, this information is given away free of charge in exchange for the name and of the subscriber's e-mail address, and in this case the subscriber's consent to data processing was carried out for the exclusive purpose of receiving information free information in the form of email messages, blog articles and e-book, and not to receive commercial offers and promotions.

Therefore the initial consent, limited to the sending of free information, does not automatically extend to the sending of any commercial offers and promotions.

To also extend consent to the sending of offers and commercial promotions from third parties, it is necessary to request it directly in the registration forms, with the inclusion of a checkbox to be ticked, which draws attention to my privacy policy, and in particular, to the contents of this summary page, which clearly explains what subscribing to my lists entails.

The recipient enrolled in the courses will be able to oppose any processing, revoking any consent given at any time.

Naturally, the revocation of consent in any case makes it impossible to continue the relationship, so all the member's data will be deleted.

2 - Privacy policy and cookie policy

I defend your privacy!

The information provided is collected for the sole purpose of offering you offers and news of great interest from the world of e-mail marketing and web marketing.

Your data will never be shared or given to third parties (we hate spam too) and you can unsubscribe with a simple mouse click!

Subscription to our lists presupposes your consent to the processing of data for the purpose of receiving free courses, and your consent for the receipt of commercial offers and promotions!

You will be able to request information on data processing in accordance with the Privacy Law and the European DGRP.

3 - Brief information on privacy

Pursuant to Article 13 of the Personal Data Code and the DGRP

European Union, I inform you that the processing of your personal data, including name, surname and email address, provided to me by subscribing to this newsletter, will be carried out at the undersigned data controller, Sergio Traversa, in Brescia, 25124, Via Cefalonia, 32, with the use of procedures, including computerized ones, in the ways and within the limits necessary to pursue the aforementioned purposes.

The provision of data and double consent are necessary to register for the courses and follow-ups of this blog and to receive offers and commercial promotions from third parties.

The interested parties are recognized the rights referred to in Article 7 of the aforementioned Code and in particular the right to access their personal data, to request rectification, updating and cancellation, if incomplete, incorrect or collected in violation of the law, as well as to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons, addressing requests by sending a message to the email address or to the email address of the data controller or to the aforementioned email address ordinary.

The processing of your personal data, provided to us by subscribing to this newsletter, is mainly aimed at:

A - understand the needs and wants that users could satisfy through our products and services;

B - develop and offer products and services to our users;

C - communicate with our users, inform them about news and available updates, products and services provided by us or our suppliers.

To learn more about my Privacy Policy, follow this link.

To learn more about my Cookie Policy, follow this link.

4 - Anti spam policy

We are against any type of spam!

You will never receive any email that you have not previously requested!

Verify your consent to newsletter subscription with the checkout anti-spam.

If you believe you have been subscribed to the newsletters mistakenly or without your consent, write without hesitation to inserting anti-spam control in the subject.

We will immediately examine the data (LP address, page of origin, etc.) of those who registered you without your consent and we will communicate them to you.

To learn more about my Anti-Spam Policy follow this link.

5 - Cancellation from services

If you wish not to receive further freebies, useful information and special offers, you can unsubscribe from the newsletters by clicking on the specific link that you will find at the bottom of the news messages or by sending an empty message with the subject remove to the address

6 - Change of address

If you need to change the address with which you registered you can communicate it to the following email address, inserting change of address in the subject, and we will update it as soon as possible:

7 - Independent management of registration data

The information that allows the member to independently manage his registration data will be brought to his attention directly in each e-mail message.