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My mission in this blog is to delve into everything that is part of network marketing management, therefore starting from what is meant by marketing in the strict sense, up to incorporating all the marketing channels that a single individual or a The company must use to be able to make itself known and distribute their products, using direct sales through its agents-collaborators.

Here, going into more detail, is what my mission is about.

This mission has as its main object online activity, therefore, like any self-respecting online activity, it uses the channels of social media marketing, blog marketing, telemarketing, e-mail marketing, writing persuasive, online follow-up marketing, and more empathetic forms of communication, deriving from the in-depth study of neuro-linguistic programming, all these seven subjects being inextricably connected with network marketing strategies.

In the Advanced Course on Network Marketing Techniques we will have the opportunity to highlight those parts that are in common with the other seven courses.