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In this blog I don't sell anything, but I offer you many free teachings that others sell for their weight in gold.

But you're probably wondering why I do this.

Simple, I want you to know a little about who I am, and then take advantage of the little that I offer you (and that is not a small stuff, ;-) and then decide to ask me to be your consultant for your specific needs, such as Health, Wellbeing, Beauty and Stop Polluting Earth and finaly the solution to your time problems, because I'll teach you how to be free, after you understand how to manage your time, which you'll succed in dedicating it to your family, to your wife and to your sons, and because I'm going to teach how to get inside marketing and network marketing knowledge, with the help of my several e-books.

In this blog you will first find the characteristics of Kangen water, generated by a device produced by, precisely for the purpose of solving your problems relating to health, well-being and also beauty, and Stop Polluting Earth.

So we can say goodbye to tap water, to that water in plastic bottles, to that water obtained through reverse osmosis, and we will have to pay attention to well water.

So we all will stop buying or drinking water with the following characteristics:

Water from the tap

Tap water, usually coming from a municipal aqueduct, is subject to numerous daily checks, but is added with chlorine to keep it clean from germs and bacteria, and can contain various natural elements but with a not very pleasant taste and furthermore, it may also contain heavy metals that are harmful to health, depending on the place where it is obtained.

It has a rather low price, but this also depends a lot on the place where it is drawn, because in certain regions, in the presence of limited precipitation phenomena, or in the presence of an outdated network distribution system, it is rather expensive.

With the use of an Enagic Kangen alkaline water dispensing device, tap water not only becomes pleasant, due to the filtration that eliminates various residual sediments and minerals harmful to health, it not only keeps the necessary mineral content unchanged for nutrition, but it can also guarantee you the beneficial properties deriving from its richness in molecular hydrogen, a very powerful antioxidant, important for the human body.

Water in plastic bottles
Water from plastic bottles isn't exactly better than tap water, but it's even much more expensive than tap water.

Although it is associated with the image of water with beneficial effects, bottled water gives you no guarantee of being better than tap water.

Often the only difference that is highlighted by the labels is the list of minerals that have been added, and  which there is no actual evidence for, regarding their health benefits.

And in-depth study lasting four years, conducted by the Natural Resources Conservation Council of the USA, it has highlighted, after testing a third of the water in plastic bottles, that these contains a level of contamination which exceeds the limits permitted by the laws of many industrialized and modern countries.

Water in plastic bottles can be quite acidic, and can have negative effects on your body's pH balance.

But not only that, because the storage of bottled water, exposed to the sun and light for several months, causes, on the one hand, the degradation of the plastic in the bottles, with the consequent suspension of plastic particles in the water itself, and on the other, generates in the same, due to chlorophyll photosynthesis, the development of bacterial and viral cultures.

Finally, the negative impact caused by the production and distribution of plastic bottles can become extremely harmful to the environment and the ecosystem.

Lately, some private bodies, recognized by the states, give the possibility of collecting plastic bottles, through the use of automatic compactors, in exchange for shopping vouchers for purchases in supermarkets, but even in this case, sometimes, given the considerable costs regarding the production of the compactors and their logistics, sometimes the controls on where the collected plastic ends up are very lax or even non-existent.

Do you know that every year 8 million tons of plastic are thrown into the oceans, representing the equivalent of five plastic bags for every inhabitant of the earth and that in the USA alone 29 billion plastic water bottles are consumed every year, even in Italy 11 billion are consumed, making us the largest consumer of water in plastic bottles in the world?
Let's ask ourselves why and then take a parliamentary initiative to investigate this "little scandal", or are we afraid of losing insured income?

Distilled or filtered water through reverse osmosis
Distilled water or otherwise known as the result of a reverse osmosis process, is water that does not contain, in addition to the substances harmful to the human body, not even the minerals that are necessary for its food and nutrition.

But then we need to make a big distinction between very cheap reverse osmosis purifiers and high-level reverse osmosis purifiers.

And in any case both require maintenance that cannot be done alone, specialized personnel are always needed, who will make you pay for the trip at a minimum, and they are devices that need to be kept in full functionality with a series of expensive spare parts, and the cheaper ones after a short period of time, must be eliminated because significant colonies and cultures of bacteria and viruses have now formed inside them.

Therefore its use is not recommended for economic reasons.

They can be equipped with specific membranes to eliminate specific residues harmful to the organism, but in this case the costs are even more prohibitive.

Naturally, the reverse osmosis process absolutely does not involve the presence of molecular hydrogen, a powerful antioxidant for the body, nor the possibility of making the water alkaline, on the contrary it is more likely that it will be returned as rather acidic and oxidizing.

Well water
Although sometimes it is naturally alkaline, without having had any contribution of minerals that give it additional alkalinity from rocks and earth, along the possible path, which is rather short, being still water and not in continuous movement, the water well is at risk of contamination, and requires regular and continuous monitoring, which is quite expensive to maintain.

Kangen Water by Enagic
Enagic, a Japanese company operating since 1974, and therefore on the market for 50 years, after years of research, has come to conceive the system to help people save money, not pollute the planet and enjoy better health.

It is a small device that transforms tap water into Kangen water, alkaline, good, healthy, fresh and with a pleasant taste, just like the one you have always wanted, because water is the most drunk drink in the world , and which absolutely cannot be done without.

Today, with this system which can be domestic or industrial, however hydraulic and electric, without any need for building work, you have the possibility of purifying tap water, eliminating any debris harmful to health, transforming it into pure alkaline water , such as Kangen water, which has now proven beneficial effects on the human body, with an electrolysis process, and making it much more digestible and assimilable by the tissues of the body itself, through the ionization of the water itself, through the hydrogenation process, which occurs automatically after electrolysis.

Follow this link for more information on hydrogenation ===>

And in fact the human body is made up of over 70% water and it is certainly not out of place to say that the basis of vitality and a long life is represented by water.

As we will see, Enagic offers you safe water that can be used, and you can do so very easily, to obtain notable benefits in health, beauty, personal cleansing and home cleaning and also for cooking.

If these benefits are the most direct and obvious, there are many others that will help you understand the further advantages, not only in terms of health, but also economic, that will derive from the use of this device.

Private individuals, companies, hospitals, bars, restaurants, hotels and B&Bs have been using this technology for years, which is now widespread in all the most modern countries in the world, for the purpose of using and serving quality healthy water for themselves. and for their loved ones and for their customers.

This device represents a simple but revolutionary solution, which will become a standard for billions of people, like the use of mobile phones and flat screen televisions.

Why not place this device in your home too, near your kitchen sink?

And in fact you will be able to:

- As a first direct benefit, deriving from Kangen water, obtaining the same positive effects on your body, generated by the assimilation of fruit and vegetables, firstly obtaining the elimination of free radicals, which are also responsible for the aging of the body, and have a resource available that helps re-establish the body's natural alkalinity, which decreases over the years.

Remember that, if the body, with age, tends to become more and more acidic, it tries to fight this tendency, trying to re-establish its own level of alkalinity, using the minerals naturally contained in the body itself, for example , in the bones, such as calcium and magnesium.

Obviously in the long run without making the appropriate remedies, it is known that many people could suffer permanent damage to their bones, such as osteoporosis.

- Get 100 times the same effects as a vitamin C tablet.

- Free yourself from the burden of having to carry heavy bottles of water from the supermarket to home.

- Stop polluting the planet with plastic bottles and therefore have a healthier and less polluted environment, thanks to the reduction in plastic consumption.

- Have good water to drink and cook safely.

- Have a significant saving in money: in fact, not only does tap water cost less than bottled water, but it has been proven that an average family of four people spends around 2000 euros a year just on water to drink in plastic bottles !

But not only!

The device, depending on your needs, allows you to obtain different degrees of alkaline water and acidic water, and therefore you will be able to:

- Save approximately 1000 euros per year on household detergents and detergents, and on cleaning fruit and vegetables and your dishes.

- Save around a further 500 euros per year on micellar water for make-up removal.

- Convenience: no more heavy cases of water to carry.

- Zero masonry work for installation.

Enagic has created a system that is so satisfactory for its results in terms of health, environmental and savings benefits, that it is even able to catalyze the attention of those who are using its devices to make them a tool for very high remuneration earning.

The first level to move from is always that of a satisfied user, and then move on to the level of collaborator in the distribution of Enagic devices, learning the necessary consultancy techniques from your sponsor, who will be happy to teach them to you, and teaching the same to your future collaborators, in an incessant activity of developing your personal network.

For this purpose, the Enagic system has created a compensation plan of its own design, which has even been patented by the company.

To guarantee what I have described to you so far, I offer you to view all the international certifications obtained by Enagic on its products, including the very important ISO certification.

As your indispensable support for the success of your marketing campaigns by collaborating with Enagic and your sponsors, developing your business in hydrogenated molecular alkaline water, I offer you for free a series of courses that represent marketing disciplines, which include the general marketing of business, to then develop in network marketing, essential for your collaborative activity, in e-mail marketing, in blog marketing, in telemarketing, in persuasive writing, in info-marketing and finally in NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming , constituting a set of very useful and indispensable information, to be used during the development of your collaboration with Enagic.

You will be able to acquire all these free techniques precisely in order to become a successful consultant.

To support the system including my free courses, just described, I offer you the following main links:

My courses have the classic typology of e-books, but they can also further take the form of real consultancy, which instead of teaching you useless theories, can go into personalized practical detail, based on your specific and concrete needs, with the aim of training you to make you autonomous and independent, after a short period of training and on-site assistance, except for further assistance services, which are necessary to update you with the latest news in this industry.

You will be able to learn follow-up marketing strategies, i.e. tools designed to contact and re-contact those you have met at a fair, the companies you have met during your career, the recipients of your call center calls, the prospects who all those, including private individuals, who want to grow economically because perhaps their current job as an employee does not allow them to have the security of arriving at end of month.

You will be able to process all of this according to appropriately planned and calendared times and intervals, based on the type of potential customer, or potential collaborator, in the process of being transformed into an entrepreneur-distributor, who you will have categorized in your database, precisely for the purpose of dedicating more resources to those who seem most willing to give you their trust.

Naturally your activity will have the aim of converting your prospects into customers, and the latter into loyal customers, and further into loyal entrepreneur-distributor collaborators, in the context of Network Marketing, in an incessant work of setting up subsequent contacts that leads you to achieve full exponential economic growth.

And all this also in order to create a network of collaborators to increase your earnings with Enagic, and also with the main aim of helping them grow economically, so that they too acquire the ability to teach other collaborators how to earn in Enagic .

You will be able to act both as an individual and as a large corporate group, which also takes care of the off-line marketing channel, through telemarketing and together with a sales force, which acts in the territory, as its tools and strategies that will complement and integrate with those of the online marketing channel.

You will be able to use my course on Online Follow-up Marketing, which represents a part of Follow-up Marketing, and is a direct marketing tool that is used by online commerce operators and professionals, because it allows you to list , describe and combine in an advanced marketing mix, all those telematic processes, which have the aim of contacting a specific target several times, through offers inserted in email messages, in web pages of your blog and in social media, in view of a strategy that aims to lead your contacts to purchase the products listed in your e-commerce, or in that organized by the company that operates with the Network Marketing system and which you collaborate with.
Online Follow-up Marketing has the same purposes as Follow-up Marketing, but essentially uses the tools of E-mail Marketing and Webmarketing, so it is exclusively an activity carried out online.

Why do we talk about E-mail Marketing?
Because this tool, through e-mail messages, gives the operator the possibility of communicating offers, commercial promotions and interesting information to their target.

Furthermore and above all it can make the latter feel, more than a mere interlocutor to whom to sell, as a person at the center of his attention, in such a way that that target, regardless of a successful sale, will also be able to receive free gifts and best wishes on special occasions.

In fact, the target, be it a prospect or customer, must feel so satisfied with any kind of treatment received, whether in contact, for sale, or in recontact, that he himself becomes the vehicle for automatic follow-up marketing on his relatives, friends and acquaintances. , through word of mouth.

You will be able to learn the most current notions and strategies of E-mail Marketing from the Advanced Course on E-mail Marketing Techniques, which I have recently started writing and which will see its baptism around March 2025.
But how can E-mail Marketing be used to fulfill the function of Online Follow-up Marketing?

There are essentially two forms of email marketing.

The first is the one currently most in vogue, and consists of the sending of a series of pre-established automatic commercial messages in advance of the date of their sending, and which are essentially based on sales through direct marketing strategies, but always with a certain care and discretion, so as not to tire and bore your target.

The second, which is the most used in the early days of E-mail Marketing, consists in sending a series of messages constituting parts of a newsletter, which, despite a greater characterization in terms of information content, could nevertheless have the effect of communicating new offers and commercial promotions.

Naturally this happens but in a much softer way, compared to the strategies that are imposed in the previous case of sales with Direct Marketing Follow-up, considering that the main purpose of sending a newsletter is not so much sales , how much to give sector information to your target and also the creation, affirmation and positioning of your brand, in the minds of customers, of the company that sends the newsletter.

The newsletter clearly differs from the first hypothesis because its messages are not pre-established, and could not be, otherwise we could no longer talk about news, and moreover they are sent after it has been possible to find interesting informative content , relating to a specific sector, to be sent to the target interested in it.

Even within Online Follow-up Marketing we can find marked differentiations.

In fact, the same can be activated not only with E-mail Marketing, but also through Web Marketing.

In fact, just try to imagine all the offers visible on web pages, which use back-end, cross-selling, up-selling, down-selling and bump-selling strategies.

With these terms we mean a series of offers and subsequent proposals, which open on web pages, and which aim to respectively sell something complementary to what has already been purchased, at the front-end or cross-selling stage, or to sell something more complete than the previous offer, or something less complete than the original offer, or something that is really convenient in addition to the previous offer.

These offers are very effective because, if you manage to involve a user, they can be very profitable, precisely because they subject your target to a continuous barrage of commercial proposals.

These two strategies mentioned, relating to online operations, of which the first through E-mail Marketing, and the second, through Webmarketing, are sometimes quite differentiated, while in many other cases they are part of a single process.

In fact, in the cases where the differences are marked, based on the first, on e-mail marketing, the target is specifically identified with data, such as name and e-mail address, while with reference to the second, supported only by web marketing , we are talking about offers that are proposed to an indefinite audience of users visiting websites.

Instead, in cases where it is a single process, let's call it mixed, we start from the offer presented in an e-mail message, which contains a link that leads to the web page that best specifies this offer.

Everything that is presented with further offers is always proposed to that well-identified target, with name and e-mail address, as the recipient of that message and that blog page.

In these hypotheses of marked difference between the two strategies or of their belonging to a single sales process, nevertheless, we can always talk about Online Follow-up Marketing, because even when the target is undefined, the process, consistent in addition to online offers, it is aimed at encouraging a visitor who has entered an automated sales funnel to make a purchase.

Here you can learn more about the topic of Follow-up Marketing Online ===>

NB.: in order to be more familiar with the Advanced Course on Online Marketing Follow-up, I strongly recommend that you first read the Basic Course on Online Marketing Follow-up, as the latter, consisting of only 12 lessons, it will be able to give you the necessary basic preparation to be able to learn the advanced course with less effort.

Now let's talk about NetWork Marketing, which many in Italy and mistakenly call multilevel marketing, because while the latter is limited only to the growth operations of one's downline, with the word Network Marketing we mean real group work, made up of direct sales , increase in the downline and training on the members of the same downline.

Network Marketing represents, if you find the right company, the best activity in terms of investments tending towards zero, precisely because, in Enagic, through the purchase of the device, you have the possibility of starting to have your company code with a negligible initial cost and the possibility of motivating you to consult, using the product for your health, but you can be motivated to strengthen your communication, to the point that your interlocutors will be totally convinced of the convenience of both the product itself and the collaboration and consultancy activities.

On this page you will soon be able to start learning more about Network Marketing ===>

My Advanced Course on Blog Marketing is also being drafted, which together with the previous one can represent a training basis for orienting oneself to web marketing, learning how to create and manage a blog, and equip them with the most up-to-date tools.

Now I will talk to you about how to build an attractive site thanks to colors and persuasive writing.

A large part of your work will initially be based on the construction of a website, which is also aesthetically pleasing, because it is based on the choice of the right and appropriate colors and on the drafting of contents that are convincing because they are set up according to the techniques of persuasive writing. .

First of all, as regards the construction of your blog site, to make it truly attractive, so that not only visitors stay longer, and then come back again, and therefore not only for the contents, you will have to use colors that make navigators feel more at ease.

And to teach you which colors and how to use them, I have prepared a specific manual, of which you will find the index on the page that will open after clicking on the following image:

Follow this link if you want to take a look at the introduction to the Advanced Course on colors suitable for obtaining an attractive website ===>

At this point we are talking about persuasive writing, that is, to complete your blog site, after having set the colors, you will have to take on a notable task, that of being able to create your own writing style, precisely with the aim of always being more convincing with your contents, which must be particularly interesting from the point of view of the knowledge you can transmit to your reader.

It's not that difficult, but you will have to try to write as much as possible, letting yourself go to your spontaneity, to specialize in... your character, which with continuous practice will appear clear and evident to your readers.

For example, I use a style that I learned, finding much in common between my characteristics as a copywriter and those expressed by a very famous literary movement, born in Great Britain, and called The Stream of Consciousness, founded by James Joyce.

In practice it involves trying to write as fast as possible, obviously not only by hand, but also with the keyboard, without thinking about errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, which you can correct later on a second reading, but only going at it with your thoughts, even if they don't have a logical order.

You will understand later that such an exercise then leads you to be concise and logical, and also more correct in avoiding errors, precisely so as not to waste too much time in logically and grammatically ordering your thoughts.

But that's not all, because after a bit of training you will realize that you have learned to write according to your imprint, which will become uniquely your characteristic, and which your loyal readers will immediately realize.

Something that will be absolutely evident, and in fact, as soon as you were to delegate the writing of your articles to others, all your readers would notice it immediately!

Once this is done, the next step will be to learn the persuasive writing strategies that can be adopted to write content and articles for blog sites and e-mail messages.

You will be able to find them soon on this page ===>
Once you become expert in persuasive writing, and in the use of attractive colors, you can start to focus on your passions, or you can meet someone who is passionate about a certain subject, but is not as expert in web marketing as you, with which you will do fifty/fifty, and then you will be able to create your Info-Marketing product, that is, an information product that you will have conceived to solve a problem, which you will have managed to identify as urgent, because it was perceived by a multitude of internet users, who will want to spend to purchase your solver product.

It will be your info-marketing product, which you can use not only to get your first earnings, but also to create a loyal group of collaborators who will want to share the experiences gained in info-marketing with you.

On this page you will soon start learning Info-Marketing strategies ===>

Now I will talk about Telemarketing, which is a communication channel that is used more frequently, because it gives you the possibility of contacting a good number of leads on a daily basis, from whom you have received a business card at a fair, in an open house, an institutional meeting, a visit to a company, etc., or for which you have downloaded an Ateco list from the internet, or from the yellow pages or other company lists.

My Advanced Course on Telemarketing Techniques will only focus on the B2B market, and not the B2C market, where slightly different strategies are applied.

That is, the course deals with strategically regulating, in the B2B market, from A to Z, every aspect that is involved in the process of contact and winning the appointment, after a telephone interview that is as brief as possible, but which manages to arouse curiosity. , and this whether you target companies or private individuals, also because your main aim will be to convert your target private individuals into economically autonomous collaborators and therefore comparable to companies.

And naturally this type of approach will have to be subject to certain strategies which I will describe extensively in the course.

Follow this link to access the Advanced Course on Telemarketing Techniques ===>

Once you have learned all these basic strategies, all you have to do is deal with any type of telephone communication, or even communication in person or in public, for the purpose of selling, through the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques.

About these techniques I am creating  a brand new course, the Advanced Course on Techniques, on Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques, which I published as a paper course, capable of suggesting guidelines on how to organize one's way of operating with potential customers.

Since NLP is based exclusively on tracing or modeling techniques, it is clear that the course must then be developed in presence, in a classroom, in front of a certain limited number of people.

And this is precisely because, as you will understand, NLP is not a theory, it is not a science, but it is entirely practical, made up of a set of techniques that may work for someone and not work for someone else, giving results for someone, and not give any results for someone else.

Therefore the classroom exercise has the function, through specific exercises, of making people practice in order to make their own the techniques that work and bring results, adapting them, if compatible, to their own personality.

Therefore everything that works and can give results is NLP.

What does Neuro Linguistic Programming do?

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming, a title with meanings that have to do with computer science, psychology and the use of words?

And what can it offer you concretely?

For more information on the NLP course follow this link ====>