Advanced persuasive writing techniques course

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In this e-book, you basically will meet two kinds of writing system, one stricktly for the text, and the other for the way you use words and punctuation.

In the first case you will find all the persuasive writing techniques used by the famest copywriters, and which have to do with the formattation of your text.

This kind of techniques can help you to write your copywrite in the best way to attract your target audience with short social media messages, short or long e-mail message, short or long web page.

They are simply directed to evidence which are your best titles, your list of benefits, your eventual list of your product features, and they have to do with the colour, or the greatness of the characters you used, or other similar features.

For what is concerning the second way, in case you are going to write long pages, long articles, long messages, or also writing important sections of your e-books, I will explain how to get your best formatting in writing, using a special way, applied directly from James Joyce Counsciousness Stream.

This kind of style will help you to chracterize your writing way for your target audience, who will recognize you as the writer with no doubts, and at the same time will refuse to continue in reading every content, which were not composed by yourself.

This style will help you to write anykind of message, or article, or page, long or short in a way which will identify you for ever.

It needs a continue practice and exercise, because, at the beginning you will begin writing very slowly, or if you are going to write in a quick way, surely at it's end you have to come back to rewrite it in a better way.

Continuing in exercizing will help you to get a result of a grammatically correct, synthetic and focused text, in a very short way and time.