How to schedule an automatic e-mails follow-up

For many web entrepreneurs, the plan for an automated email marketing follow-up continues to be a mystery.

And you don't know which way to turn either.

You have never been so close to the doors of online success, but this, despite everything, continues to be a dream.

Evidently there is still something missing in your online marketing content.

You could certainly claim, and you will not be denied by anyone, that you have an aesthetically attractive blog or site, that you are very active on social media networks, that your contents are written according to the most classic copyright strategies, as well as being really interesting for your readers and have quality content.

You even have high visitor traffic on your site, well positioned in the most important search engines and for well-targeted search keywords.

However, your list is not growing at a satisfactory rate.

Furthermore, your site, as everyone knows by now, cannot alone achieve the sales you have set yourself, and in any case many efforts are achieving nothing.

You don't know which way to go.

Maybe you have the key to deal with the situation in your hand but you are really hesitant about whether and when to use it.

But the road you will have to face is not far away!

Just follow some simple steps.

And don't rely on others, you have to do it alone!

Otherwise you will continue to be at the mercy of indecision.

You have to face the situation and also make mistakes like everyone you are asking for advice has done, and who out of pride will never tell you what mistakes they have made.

So let's take a step-by-step look at everything that needs to be done to improve.

First you need to create the content of your email messages.

But don't ask me the fateful question: "Why should I create content before even having a targeted list to communicate with?"

If you think that people, immediately after seeing your site, will send you messages for information, in order to already suggest what you should write in advance, you are truly deluded!

The reality is very different, it is not the visitors who have to take you by the hand, but it is you, with your content who must take the initiative and educate your contacts!

Furthermore, you will have to create your content before having a list, precisely because it is necessary to target all those who will show interest in your site, through a process that you will have activated and which I will deal with now.

The first step to take is to insert an autoresponder software into your online system.

There are all kinds, as you will have seen in these pages, but I will soon go into the details of what I believe is the best software ever and which is very suitable for dealing with the situation: E-Mail Marketer by Interspar.

You can start creating your messages according to a very specific follow-up marketing plan, and here too you will surely have examined on this site what follow-up marketing is.

In this plan you will have to create at least 5 subsequent messages, set in a specific sequence.

The contents can have a content of this kind, that is, a series composed of a first introductory message, and then three messages, which address three different problems, or three messages which gradually address a specific problem, and then a final message which is read with interest by a good number of subscribers because it finally solves the proposed problems, with the final offer of your product and/or service.

In this way you will finally have the opportunity to create a large group of registered people who will follow your advice.

Once you have completed the series you will have 5 messages that will end up in your subscribers' email inbox, and you will no longer have to write any additional messages.

Step two: make signing up easy!

That is, each of your requests for action made to your potential member must be truly clear and simple as well as imperative, easy to carry out, without getting lost in useless words of kindness, which would, on the contrary, demonstrate your fear of losing their favor!

Your frank and clear request must correspond to positive behavior from the visitor.

The most important request you will have to make will be to sign up and in exchange you will give a course, or a free gift in PDF, with contents similar to the subject of the follow-up messages, or which more concisely describes the problem you will be dealing with. to deal in more depth with the messages, the purpose of which is then to redirect the subscriber to purchase the product and/or service that definitively solves your target's problem.

Please note that whatever the object of the gift is, it must have interesting and quality content, because there is nothing more harmful than a gift with scant or uninteresting content: always remember that people he goes on the internet mainly to get information and not to buy, and that the rule of "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" absolutely doesn't work on the internet.

In addition to the free gift, you will only have to insert a registration form on various pages of your site.

And if you don't have any need for a web designer, or if you are already creating your first blog, you can very well set up the registration form with arpReach and insert it within the pages, or in the widgets of the blog sidebar, perhaps created with a theme, for WordPress.

With Email Marketer you will be able to synchronize the registration forms with the server, where the autoresponder software is installed, in order to send each message within the times you have set in advance, by setting up a cronjob.

And you can automatically send messages to all new subscribers, easily capturing their data, and then also track subscriptions and their actions, according to the settings you have predetermined.

Third step: set up your messages

Once you have set up this system, the next step to take is to create excellent content to include in the messages, in order to obtain maximum results, because you will have satisfied the interest of your subscribers.

And to do this you will have to follow these guidelines:

– Insert a sentence in the subject of the message that specifically describes the problem you are going to solve, and sometimes choose the path of the paradox that is the opposite of the way to solve the problem: a trick that will make you more visible in the jungle of messages crowding the recipient's inbox.

– Create a message header that is consistent with its subject.

– Personalize the message with the subscribers' data, both in the subject and in the header, and then do not mention the subscriber's name again.

– Tell your subscribers who you are and what you are talking about in the message and why it will solve the problem and this I guarantee will bring the reader's interest to the maximum level of interest.

– If it is not the contents of a course, developed over more than 5 messages, which perhaps is still too early to be presented because you are not very well known (you could very well present it later, when you have a much broader audience), here you have to write short and concrete messages, you have to give the image of being someone who gets to the point of the speech straight away.

In fact, your readers don't know you yet and therefore don't want to face reading long messages.

Furthermore, with messages that are too long, even if useful, the always latent risk is that the reader thinks that what you write is interesting, but that he will go and read it later when he has more time... but then, in reality What happens is that not only is the message not read but it is also deleted.

This obviously on the one hand does not mean that your content must be ultra short, but on the other you could still create a short message that contains a link to a page inserted on your site or to a PDF content placed online.

Therefore the optimal solution is to insert the entire content you want to present to readers on your website.
When the reader clicks on the link to read the entire message he will be taken to the page of your site, where he will find the entire article that you have previously published.

This will help you write simple and short messages and will therefore find subscribers willing to read them immediately, and at the same time your site will have the benefit of receiving further visits, just like a real external search engine optimization tool.

In this way you will be able to combine in a magical mix the promotion of your image as a problem solver and the benefit of being searched for in the organic results of search engines, with the effect of improving the positioning of your interesting content in the rankings.

Fourth step: the final message

After giving your subscribers useful, quality content on how to solve their problem, you still have an opportunity to win them over with a final gift.

This way you will be able to have further positive results and your readers will be even more enthusiastic about being subscribed to your list.

All you have to do is create another autoresponder with arpReach, with a different series of follow-up messages, giving away free and/or offering e-books or other digital products for sale, which your subscribers will look forward to download and/or buy and then read!

In the final message, thank the readers again for their subscription (as you will have already done with the first message) to the list.

In the 3 previous messages you will have invited readers to send you their feedback!

So with the fifth and final message you will try to invite them, by setting up a kind of opinion poll, to tell you what they would like to receive on offer as an additional product and/or service.

It should sound as if you are suggesting bluntly and simply, “Now that you've solved that problem, what other dilemma would you like to face?”

In the end

After completing these 4 basic steps, you can also dedicate yourself to creating another autoresponder for a totally different list, you can go on holiday or spend some time partying!

In fact, your e-mailing system set up with an autoresponder like arpreach will work like an autopilot, solving the subscriber's problem, maximizing the effects of your search engine optimization work, increasing the number of subscribers to your list, and you will also have started planning, with the help of the members themselves, the creation of the product and/or service that they will want to purchase from you.

Further consequences

If what your subscribers want falls within your expertise and passion, you will be able to create the desired product and/or service without problems.

Otherwise you will proceed with the purchase of the rights to a PLR, i.e. content with private trademark rights, created by others.

Branded content refers to audio, video or written products that you can modify according to your needs and requirements.

You will be able to purchase private label products, limiting yourself, without further effort, to inserting your name as the author and possibly modifying as necessary.

You can use the content for anything you want to do (as long as it is within the limits of the license) for example, you can use the products as bonuses, you can extract the content and create articles, you can therefore use them to create your own product to sell right in the case in which you really don't know what to write in relation to a given topic proposed and expected by your subscribers.

If you can't find anything that suits your case, and maybe you know someone who is an expert in the subject, but who knows nothing about web marketing and computers, you can still collaborate with him fifty/fifty.